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Here’s What it Takes to be Your Own Boss

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It takes passion, stubbornness and a whole lot of hard work. In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of startups fail. What does it take to turn a business concept into reality and keep it running? We had a chat with Isabel Lee, business student and co-founder of An Acai Affair to find out.

What Makes a Goalkeeper a Keeper

Water polo is unlike any other sport. The element of water magnifies both mistakes and advantages – making it a good friend or your worst enemy. SMU Snapshots had a chat with Lee Kai Yang, goalkeeper for the Singapore men’s national water polo team and vice-president of SMU Aquatic Sharks, and picked up some tips on playing water polo and defending.

Life Lessons from Soccer

Competitive soccer teaches more than just the 17 laws of the game. Along the way, you also pick up values and tools that prepare you for life’s other events. SMU Snapshots caught up with Joey Cheng, former president of SMU Women’s Soccer, to learn about the lessons that she takes off the soccer field into her personal and professional lives.

The Team that Sails Together, Stays Together

Across sports teams and arts clubs, rarely will you find a group that can boast relationships with their alumni so strong, that the graduates return regularly to compete alongside current members. Building on the good work of their predecessors, the SMU Sailing team seems to cultivate good team rapport effortlessly. Ko Yumei, the club’s president, let’s us in on some team quirks and how the team stays together.

How to Become an Optimist

Everywhere that we go, there will always be a mix of optimists and pessimists – those who choose to see the positive side of situations, and the ones who tend to see the negative. SMU Snapshots caught up with the ever-cheery former president of SMU Floorball, Hamzah Rased, to learn how positive thinking benefits leadership and influences personal development.

Giving your 100%

Building and maintaining commitment is a continuous process for leaders and individuals alike. It first begins as a struggle, before requiring constant thought and attention. To learn more about the importance of being committed, SMU Snapshots met up with Chan Wan Qing, who has steadily made her way from the side-lines to becoming a key middle-position player and today, the captain of SMU Touch Football.

A Lesson in Real Business

Rarely do we have the luxury to be able to dabble in entrepreneurship while pursuing an education. SMU Snapshots had a chat with Gong Meng Yu, vice-president of SMU Real Business, to find out what starting a business entails. 

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