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For the Love of Music

For Koh Hui Rong and Elvin Koh, music has been a part of their lives since their childhood days. As undergrads, they were actively leading their clubs, SMU Chinese Orchestra and SMU Symphonia respectively. Today, as alumni, they are still very much in touch with the arts. What does it mean to dedicate your energy and passion for what you love and enjoy?

A Positive Spin in Work and Life

Meet Stradford Tay, an SMU alumnus who’s been playing table tennis through the years, from his primary school days all the way to leading his company table tennis team in Ernst & Young today. He’s always wearing two hats— as a professional and as a table tennis player. We chat with Stradford to find out more about how he juggles and combines his passion and love for the sport, with the work he does everyday.

Dancing Through Life

A private bank technology executive by day, dancer by night. It’s been a year since graduation but INDANCITY and SMU alumnus Ng Wah Chun has still got some twinkle in his toes. With over two decades of dance experience, Wah Chun shares with us what keeps him dancing all throughout school and life after SMU.

Understand, Trust and Empower

It’s a love for sports that has led Siobhan to volunteer for ASEAN University Games 2016. As a sailor for Team Singapore and SMU during her undergrad days, Siobhan knows what one can learn about oneself through sports . Today, as an alumnus and staff at SMU, what has her experience at AUG been like?

Keeping Score on Teamwork

Action, adrenaline and adversity. These are no strangers to any athlete and you can find those in spades in SMU Floorball….

The Voice Behind Our Events

Standing on stage, with hundreds of eyes on you, with the spotlight shining in your eyes— this can be pretty daunting. What is it like hosting and leading a major event? We chat with Robin to find out more about his experience leading up to the ASEAN University Games.

A Melting Pot of Music, Passion and Heart

Prof Mark Chong’s just comfortable in front of class as he is on stage, performing an electrifying blend of jazz funk, R&B and soul with his band, Melting Pot. Find out more about what drives the band to create their unique blend of music!

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