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Planting the Seeds of Sustainability

Coming from the French word for “green”, SMU Verts is the environmental club of SMU. They’re passionate about the cause and showcase it best through their many events, whether on campus or external events to engage the larger community in Singapore. Find out more about the people and culture at Verts, and what makes them come together as a club.

An Opus in Diversity

The Purple Symphony is perhaps one of the best expressions of what an orchestra is. It is Singapore’s first inclusive orchestra, with members with and without special needs performing together, shoulder to shoulder. Find out what it’s like, with Rui Jun and Jun Ying from SMU Chinese Orchestra.

Ignite, Impart, Inspire

True to their motto, “Ignite, Impart, Inspire”. Inspirar SMU seeks to bring out a spirit of community service amongst our fellow students and inspire them to take action, raise awareness and reach out to the elderly in our communities. Learn more about their story.

Once Upon a Time in SMU

Whether it’s your first or 16th, birthdays are always worth celebrating. Every year, we celebrate SMU’s birthday with Patron’s Day!

Welcome Back. Hello 2016!

It’s gonna be an exciting 2016. Here are three major events to check out in the new year. Ready, set, go!

Pitching Life Lessons Through Soccer

Every Saturday afternoon, rain or shine, you’ll see the SMU Men’s Soccer team on the pitch, coaching and mentoring young boys and girls. What does it take to give your time and commitment to a project as a team?

Starry Nite 2015: ILLUMINATE

Starry Nite is a night many SMU students look forward to. This year, every band performed an original song. What’s it like in a band and creating your own music?

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