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The Three “E”s of Leadership

What makes a great leader? Leadership is interwoven closely in what we do and how we learn at SMU, whether it’s a class project or community service initiative. We speak to Goh Theng Kiat, one of the speakers at the SMU Leadership Symposium, held in December 2015 about leadership and what’s most important for young, aspiring leaders.

To Greater Heights

Gravical is one of Singapore’s largest bouldering competitions, with more than 700 climbers from all around the world. Ten years in the making, find out how SMU Climb Team grew this event and brought it to the regional and international level.

Arts Of All Colours

A sneak peek into what it took to lead a forty-strong team and bring 25 arts clubs together for the SMU Arts Festival 2015: Prism.

Up For The Challenge

For SMU Challenge 2015, the team, led by Kimberly and Januavi, worked closely with the Purple Parade, a movement for a more inclusive society for persons of special needs. What was it like managing such a large event with many diverse and different needs to consider?

If You Want To Go Far, Go With Others

Leading a thousands-strong student community is no small feat. Let’s find out what it’s like for Adeline Lim, President of the SMU Students’ Association.

Running In The City

More than four hundred runners, from all over Singapore, gathered at Fort Canning Hill one September morning, for the SMU Mile Run 2015. Find out what it took to conceptualise and put together an exciting race for runners, right in the heart of the city.

Paddle To Paddle

People saw them as the underdogs, a team of young, inexperienced paddlers from an equally young university. Yet, the SMU Dragon Boat team finished strong in the Prime Minister’s Cup in 2013. What was it like building a team from ground up, forging strong friendships and inculcating a winning culture?

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