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Just Keep Swimming

Swimming is such a big part of Leonard Tan’s life. A former national swimmer, he coaches the national team today, as the head coach of the National Youth Sports Institute. He’s a big part in moulding the future of Singapore’s swimming scene. We chat more with Leonard to find out more about what it’s like to be on up on deck now.

Putting the Beneficiaries First – SMU Challenge 2016

Projects like SMU Challenge 2016 are built on continuity and commitment, and it’s heartening to see many students who’d be part of Challenge in previous years, coming back to contribute. We caught up with Alex Ng, Kathy Boey and Lim Lai Ho, from the SMU Challenge 2016 organising committee, for a short chat. What motivated them to come back to contribute once again?

How to be an “Accidental Leader”

Learn by doing. Stay humble. Lead with your heart. We can surely learn a lot from Eunice Olson’s personal experiences and philosophy as a leader and entrepreneur.

Serve, Shine and Sustain

What does it take to lead and run SMU’s longest-running and largest community service project, starringSMU?

We don’t manage people. We lead.

What does it mean to trust someone? How do you build a winning and positive team culture? Sukhminder Singh is someone who has learned the ropes, these leadership principles, through years of practice and hands-on experience, as a leader and mentor.

Making Time for People and Purpose

How do you juggle the many things that come our way— school, projects, CCAs, competitions, overseas community service trips, study…

“Weng Weng” in the Air

There’s a certain magic in the air, a unmistakeable flow of energy that flows through everyone in the room, all in sync and harmony. Lai Seng shares one of his favourite experiences with his fellow members from the Chamber Choir!

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