A private bank technology executive by day, dancer by night. It’s been a year since graduation but SMU and INDANCITY alumnus Ng Wah Chun has still got some twinkle in his toes. With over two decades of dance experience, Wah Chun shares with us what keeps him dancing all throughout school and life after SMU.

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Wah Chun (third from left) at BEYOND 2016, performing “Behind the Wall”, with eight other male dancers from INDANCITY.

Dance has always been a part of my life. My parents were dancers so it was only natural that I picked it up when I was three. Turns out, I never really put this passion back down! Even now, I enjoy coming back as an alumnus and contributing where I can.

My dance journey has been all about exploring different genres of dance. I started first with ballet in my childhood days. It was appealing to me more like an intense sport as opposed to an art form, and it gave me a solid foundation. After that, my years in River Valley High School and National Junior College saw me tackling Chinese dance. Finally I joined SMU’s INDANCITY, where I learnt about my favourite genre of dance – contemporary.

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The dance is about one’s pursuit of success, however one might define it, in the world.

That said, my path hasn’t been all that smooth sailing. When I was in Junior College, my grades suffered due to my dedication to dance, to the point that my parents were even telling me to quit. Thankfully, SMU gave me a chance and accepted me through discretionary admission.

Overcoming my parents’ objection to dancing was the toughest hurdle for me. I wanted to keep on dancing. I needed to prove to them that I could handle both my studies and my dance commitments. It took a whole lot of grit and hard work, but now they are totally on board!

Balancing school and dance was all thanks to my peers and seniors in INDANCITY. They made sure that I balanced both of them well. I had a senior who taught me everything there is to know about surviving in SMU. My senior’s selfless ability to help others is something I greatly admire and hope to learn myself!

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Before every major production, all the dancers will come together as one club to give thanks, in their own ways, before a thunderous cheer to start the night!

My most memorable moment in INDANCITY was during a competition in Perth, but not for the reason you would expect. It was the middle of my solo and I blanked out. I quickly improvised the choreography on the spot! It may not have been the best steps, but sometimes, you’ve just got to keep on dancing.

Graduating isn’t the end to my membership of INDANCITY. Be it as a performer, audience member or sponsor, I will do what I can to give back to the club that has given me so much over the last 6 years.

To every student who is keen on pursuing their passions in life, I leave you with one Chinese phrase: “修身, 齐家, 治国 平天下”. For me, the meaning of this phrase is clear: First improve yourself, then your family, next your country and finally, the world.

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SMU INDANCITY is a contemporary dance club that performs and teaches dance to the public. Check out their Facebook page on updates for their next performance or dance class!

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