Whether it’s your first or 16th, birthdays are always worth celebrating. Every year, we celebrate SMU’s birthday with Patron’s Day!

Patron’s Day celebrates a new year for our university and honours our patron, the current President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam. Open to everyone in the SMU community, it’s a day we come together for great food, friends and friendly competition, and exciting performances from some of SMU’s most talented musicians and artists.

Just like many other signature SMU events, Patron’s Day is organised by the students for the students. What does it take to organise the biggest annual birthday party on campus? We speak with Palmer Ng to find out more.

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Palmer (right) and Nurin Nazifa (left), preparing for one of the interactive workshops at Patron’s Day

This is actually my third year being involved in Patron’s Day. During my first year, I was an emcee from my club, SMU Broadcast & Entertainment (SMUBE). It was a really fun experience and I knew I wanted to come back. In my second year, I got to produce a segment on my own, and got to share the stage with Kit Chan. That was one of my proudest achievements as an emcee so far. This year, I’ve shifted my focus to the operations and overall running of the event.

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The exciting show segment for Patron’s Day 2016

Whenever you’re planning an event, especially a university-wide event like Patron’s Day, you have to be very clear about your audience. You have to understand what they’ll like or not like, how they might behave and what they’ll expect. You must know their psychology and plan with that in mind. If not, the whole event may fall apart and months of planning will go to waste.

We made sure that the Patron’s Day carnival will start early in the afternoon at 3.30pm. On Fridays, students end classes by 3.15pm. The games have to start soon after that so that you’ll keep them on campus; if not, people are going to go home. After the games, you’d want to get the students to the stage performances. Generally, the audience needs time to warm up, so that’s why we play stage games or have a lucky draw from 5pm onwards. It’s about weaving everything together into one cohesive and exciting experience.

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Presenting.. The Sam Willows!

We’ve been planning Patron’s Day for more than three months now. We’re so thankful to have a really committed team of students who are passionate about our school and the event itself. We had to push Patron’s Day back to early-February to fit President Tony Tan’s schedule. This really challenged our time management skills as we had to juggle Patron’s Day together with preparation for midterms, all happening in Week 5.

Did You Know: Patron’s Day is brought to you by a team of 50 students– 17 in the exco and 33 associates– all working together to make the day a huge success.
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Guess which story from ancient mythology we’re talking about?

Responsibility. That’s one of my most important personal values. For me as well as the team, responsibility covers many things as well. If you’re responsible, you’ll be on time and punctual. You’re responsible for your work. You’re committed and responsible to your team.

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Unwinding and relaxing with Gentle Bones

One of the happiest breakthroughs for the team was when we finally decided on the theme Once Upon a Time. We did a lot of brainstorming with post-its and word associations. In the end, we’re excited to be focusing on storytelling and some of the iconic and timeless stories that many of us are familiar with.

Did You Know: Patron’s Day will be happening underground in the Concourse, for the first time in four years.

What’s new this year? We’ll be underground in the Concourse. This will be something new for many SMU students as Patron’s Day has been held on Campus Green for the past three years. Organising it in the Concourse allows us for us to play with lights and set-ups that we couldn’t do in previous years. Be sure to explore the whole stretch on the actual day.

20160120 - Patron's Day Palmer - _DSF9840

At the T-Junction, the heart of Patron’s Day 2016. Watch this space!

Did You Know: We’ll have a total of 11 student acts showcasing their talents and performing at Patron’s Day?

We’ve put together many exciting workshops, games and performances as well. You’ll be able to make your own trinkets at our workshops. We’re proud to be showcasing some of the best talents amongst the student community this year, who’ll be taking the stage and performing at Patron’s Day.

Thanks for making Patron’s Day 2016 an exciting and memorable one. See you next year!

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SMU Patron’s Day is a special day that commemorates SMU’s birthday and honours our SMU Patron, the President of Singapore. Join us for our birthday bash on 5 Feb 2016!


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