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Where There’s Heart, There’s a Way

“The journey itself is the reward and the fulfilment comes from the happiness and smiles from those that you help.” We caught up with Ted Choo, who heads Corporate Marketing at SMU and is an avid volunteer, to learn why giving back to humanity is such a big part of his life.

The Perks of Being a Diver

Imagine a tranquil world that is all quiet and calm. Senses are heightened, the things around you have a surreal and light quality to them, and the only sounds you hear are the steady breaths that you take. We had a chat with SMUXtremists Diving Team president, Choy Ming Fai, to learn about how life underwater influences his experience of the world above.

Truths About Success

The captain of SMU Rugby, Thaddeus Soh, has spent over a decade playing on several rugby teams including Team Singapore and excels in every sport that he takes on. We caught up with the stellar sportsman to learn the formula behind his success.

Climbing for the Uninitiated

Rock climbing, thanks to the modern climbing gym, has shot up the list of to-do recreational activities in Singapore. With over 10 climbing gyms, Singapore now has more than 50,000 climbers. SMU Snapshots was curious to find out more about the extreme sport and met up with Vanessa Lim, vice president of SMU’s very own Climb Team.

How to Plan a Great Event

Having a great idea isn’t enough to execute a great event. Teams must be built, goals have to be set and timelines must be followed while keeping some space for flexibility – and the list goes on. Curious to find out what goes on behind our student-run events, we caught up with SSU events director Lyman Ng to pick up some event management pro tips.

Where the Arts Come Alive

Unlike in certain cities where busking is the norm, you would be hard-pressed to find dancing on the streets of Singapore on any regular day ­– that is, unless you’re strolling down the hallways of SMU. Shandy Tan, president of SMU ACF talks to us about the school’s vibrant arts culture and how it’s shaking up the city’s arts scene.

Getting from Good to Great

The drive to win in any competitive team sport sometimes makes it easy to lose sight of the need to play as a team. Peter Soo, president of SMU Basketball, is all too familiar with this silo mentality. He looks back on his time with various basketball teams and shares with us the importance of having a team player mentality.

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